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Oh, boy, speaking of characters that are feminist nightmares… That makes sense.


Robin has also rediscovered her feelings for him. Second, there are so many things wrong with a Barney-marrying-Nora situation.

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I too have been growing more and more uncomfortable with the character of Barney. I think what disappointed me is that, for a while, I thought the show was going to at least show an alternative to that trope with Barney and Robin.

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  4. I expected them to fall in love and commit to each other emotionally, go their separate ways every time Robin traveled to a new country for her job, experience other sexual experiences during their separation, and reunite whenever she came back to New York. So perhaps Barney and Robin will rekindle what they had, Ted may sulk over it a little bit, things might get awkward, then ta-dah!


    End of the season, Robin and Barney get married and the sulky Ted meets the love of his life at the wedding. But hopefully some things get changed up this season. I think Barney and Robin are reuniting, especially after what Victoria said. I suspect that Barney will marry Nora.

    The Modern-Day Dating Lemon Law

    As for Barney being awful, Lily has stated this numerous times. She has even pointed out that his rampant womanizing has a lot to do with any insecurities he might harbor.

    Admittedly they could have had them just do the growth in the first place but after Barney we saw Robin reach a point where she chose a man over a better job and we have Barney acknowledge that he should move past his womanising ways. Barney has shown growth. Robin has shown regression. This troll is going to be legend…wait for it… The Funny Feminist. I am Lady T: My hobbies include reading, writing, watching television, eating, volunteering to work with people with disabilities, planning to exercise and not doing it, arguing, and insomnia. However, I still have a problem with Barney Stinson.

    This taste is bitter, my friends.

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    Lemon Law: Barney Stinson´s legacy

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    Neil Patrick Harris has struck pay dirt as Barney - Chicago Tribune

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