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I am a Cancer woman who fell madly in love with an Aries man. We spent 1 year just talking, learning each other and what each other wanted from the relationship. We began the next phase of our life and believe me Amazingly beautiful, fullfilling and deeply satisfying.

I had found my soul mate for life and he had found his. Yes, my Aries man said that to me! We began to make our plans for the future, but of course, life got in the way. Without all the ugly details, I began to see a completely other side of this wonderful, beautiful, very intelligent man. Once I started seeing this other side of him, my insecurities then surfaced only to cause more harsh, cold, very hurtful words and actions. We discussed our problems, you know, the ones he had with ME.. He literally threw me out of his house and cut off all communication to him.

This all done within an hour. Sparing more details, I was left completely devastated and hurt to the point of total agony. I did not want to see another day. I had spent 7 years of my life investing my heart, soul and existence into our relationship with a man I didn't really know after all. I have spent another 2 years going back and forth with him trying to figure out "what he wants" in life..

Enduring countless rages on certain days and other days, very happy conversations and occasional lunches. IMO, it is much better to have never loved, than to have loved and lost in such a bitter, ugly, devastating way. The bottom line I have found with my experience with my Aries man is: No, he never cheated on me, but his mind sure did On his good days, we had the best time! We laughed and laughed and enjoyed each other's company.

Cancer + Aries

On his bad days which were steadily increasing , his moodiness and aloftness, and negativism that he would direct at me, would just crush me. If you are a Cancer woman and are attracted to an Aries man We had a wonderful, beautiful, very loving relationship until I made a mistake. I had an opinion of my own. The wrath that followed just about put me in my grave.

Aries Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility In Bed And Love Life

I have retreated to my shell, where I will remain for quite some time and may never come back out completely. I have been with an Aries man for 2 yrs now.. I can act like a total fool around him. Rather than judging me, he joins in. I am about to date one I guess I will go with the "guess my sign" mood, ha, ha, ha! Yes, I will tell you how my date went I need him, a man with leadership quality to bring me out of my shell and he needs me, a very nurturing woman who softens his strong and stubborn side.

I am a Cancer woman dating a Aries man , he is all a woman could want gentle , kind yes a bit controlling however most Cancer woman can handle that since we are strong and a bit over bearing at times. We dated 10 years. Then split for a very long time, now we seem to have matured and have much more in common. Sex is still WOW!!!! I will never leave my Aries again this time I am here to stay. One suggestion if he wants to lead , let him with a gentle push in the direction you need him to go lol if it is his idea he will be much more willing if You get my drift.

In the mid 's I had a one night stand with an Aries man before I left for overseas and when I came home I hooked up with an Aries man and we were married after 20 months of being romantically involved. I have known my husband years prior and we have been together as husband and wife for over 11 years.

I just got out of relation with Aries cause he tld me if I aint answer the phone that he was going hurt me really bad he said that he was going to come to my house and hurt me. I am a Cancer woman. I've read the articles and some say it can't work and others say it's possible. I have been very close friends with my Aries man for the last 5 years. What I found that works is to play to the role of princess. Let him be your knight in shining armour. He loves to protect you, just give him the chance! I guess it also helps if your man is into video games and the two of you can be nerds about it for hours, but the point remains the same.

Be his princess and he'll be your prince. I was attracted to his Aries mans dark mysterious side. I never got closure or anything. Cancer woman met Aires man who she had dated briefly 30 years earlier. Sparks flew and we have been back together for over a year and still going strong. I'm an Aries man and fell for a Cancer lady 6 months ago.

We got together had a great connection and great sex and then she decieded I was too intense for her. Now she's warming bak up to me as friends but very open connected friends that are very much aware that they were and are lovers. I love her and kind of wait at bay for when I canfit into her life, but you know its ok. I fell in love with an Aries man at 16 and he was 19, he moved in next door and did what he could to get my attention for a few weeks, when he asked me out I was mad about him.

I liked to make an effort for him but assumed it was for another Man! I am a Cancer woman divorced from an Aries man last year. They are definitely extremely arrogant and self centered. He was really caring and attentive in the beggining but as soon as we got married he turned cold and we barely communicated.

He constantly critisized and put me down and the word sorry was not in his vocabulary, even when it was clearly his fault. This is not a good match at all Run as fast as you can. I am now with a Taurus man and i've never been happier, he is my soulmate and i'm glad we found each other.

Was with an Aries for three years. We just broke up. All he did was use and abuse me. Get rid of them as fast as you can. Us Cancers try to cling on to them for as long as possible because they're gorgeous, hilarious, and smart. But bottom line, they do not give a shit about anyone but themselves. I'm a Cancer woman and I just love my Aries man. His Intellect ,his protective and providing nature just keeps my heart warm for him. But what turns him off with me is when I get jealous I think it is a real slap in the face for him when I act like this.

He treats me very well. Women are attracted to him and he loves the admiration but i'm starting to believe it is only an ego booster for him. I question if he loves me. But he want say it, He actually shows it. He actually cried we when I departed from the airport in Europe on different flights. Being insecure is deal breaker he does not tolerate that from me.

I find that when I walk as a self assured women and pull back he responds by being putty in my hands and being the loving man he is. So sit back, be patience and he delivers. An Aries man is trying to pursue me now He is tall, about 6'4 with an athletic body and hypnotic eyes He is very manly, and after knowing him for only a couple months, I can tell that he has a nice sized ego lol But I am very attracted to him He likes making jokes and having fun, and even though I've only spent a day's time with him, I like him alot.

Even though I am a Cancer, I am not very sensitive as astrologers say Cancers are. He says that the compliments I give him are totally different from the ones others give him. He has not mentioned anything sexual yet, wich surprised me. I hardly talk to him though, maybe twice a week, but I like that. I hate being smothered with calls and texts. I really hope this works out, and I will tell you all how it goes soon!!

I have been dating an Aries man for 2yrs and he is 9yrs younger than me. We both agree we are soul mates and he loves me and wont let me go. I get hurt and angry because his life is a mess in my book and I can't stand his friends. I am a cop and can't hang with his friends, he has girl friends that he talks to inappropriately then deletes his conversations. He lies to me and it hurts. I want to give this up but I can't seem to cuthim loose because he never gives up on us.

I don't know what to do. I'm an Aries man. I met an Aries man on line and I hollered at him first. I have all of the emotional traits of the Cancer personality. It seem when me and this man are together sparks fly. We have a long distance relationship and we are both going through a divorce. I fell in love with him first and he discovered his love for me right before my very eyes. Since than he has pulled out the stops for us. Yet I feel his distance and he can be very blunt in speaking so sometime we misunderstand one another when we are not face to face.

However, I feel this undying love for him and would like to marry him someday. I might add that we are both in our 50's and have been around the block a few times. I will just go with the flow with my Aries man and sees what happens. He always thinks more than he says to me and I also feel that he has a sensitive side to him. Almost from the beginning of the relationship he wanted to help me in any way he could and told me that he did not want me to go to anyone for help but him.

That's one of the things that got me to thinking about long term with him. When he says he is going to do something he does it and you can count on him.

Relationship Compatibility Between an Aries Man and a Cancer Woman

I was very careful at first with how I felt but he kind of pulled me in. We have a problem talking on the phone sometime because he does not talk unless he has something to say. He is a gentleman to the nth degree and makes me feel like a very special lady. Yet with everything that I have read it says our signs are not compatible. Go figure because I want this man to be my husband in the future. I am very content in now saying the relationship is definitely OFF. He was the pursuer, and very good at the art of a rapid seduction.

Romance deluxe - flowers, expensive dinners out, holidays away - you name it he would arrange it. He enjoyed the chase, but once he knew he had me, the polish wore off. He is direct, he is forceful, knows exactly what he wants, and he wants it now. He will never intentionally hurt your feelings, but he will pierce your heart and then call you 'weird' because you have crept inside your shell to recover and nurse your wounds.

This man is all about I, I, I. There is very little We in a relationship. There is also not a great deal of depth to the emotional connection. Provided you can interact about what he did all day, how he did it, how successful he was at it, and give solutions to his problems, all will be well. Don't expect him to ask "how was your day dear?

They are usually very intelligent, and professional very successful. They lack tact and diplomacy and strangely they seem confused when people walk away in mid conversation. They are not good at picking up non-verbal cues because they are too concerned with themselves.

It will be a fiery, whirlwind relationship but between the two signs, the longevity is, in my opinion, just not there. He will make you feel that the success or failure of the relationship rest squarely with you. I am a Cancer woman and he is an Aries we have known each other for years and decided to become romantically involved 1 month ago and in the past month. If you are willing to co operate understand and tolerate all the ways of the Ram then Cancer we are good.

I met my future Aries husband when I was 17 and he was He was shy but I was attracted to his quiet self-confidence and over time grew to admire and respect his strength of character. He is an amazing man, kind, generous, talented and decent. It's a great match because Aries can stand up to Cancer and this is a good thing because with weaker men we tend to lose respect and become overbearing and bossy. Sure, we can argue our different points of view, but our relationship has always been interesting, lots of fun and never boring.

They say that Cancer and Aries truly connect when they have children and together make wonderful parents. Both signs are protective, adore their kids and will put family first. I think there are differences between Cancer and Aries level of emotional understanding on certain subject matter, but because of this, they can offer each other and their children two varying points of view which is a positive thing. We are deeply in love after 22 years of marriage and I genuinely like and respect him.

The box will scroll if you need more space. Please note that you greatly increase the chances of other visitors reading your comment if you use full sentences with punctuation. Because all posts are made anonymously we review each one prior to publishing. We don't publish any comment which isn't relevant to the topic, or which includes advertisements. I specialize in providing fast and accurate relationship readings delivered by email. Cancer changes the season to summer. It brings an intensity to the year, as if someone has gotten pregnant.

And in a way, it has. Cancer and summer in general mark the conditions a woman goes through in her body from carrying a fetus and helping it to mature. Cancer is one of the most yin signs of the whole zodiac.

Aries Man and Cancer Woman: Nature of Bonding

It is a highly reflective sign, its moods change with the tides brought about by the moon, and it wears its heart and passions on its sleeve. Cancer's pregnancy is what is carried for 9 months till the birth of Aries. This can cause Cancer to have extreme pride in being the catalyst. Aries gets pride from being the first born of the zodiac. Aries will have to humble itself to make this relationship work. Cancer is going to need an extra amount of attention and affection.

I don't think there is a limit to Cancer and how much it can receive. In return, Cancer will shower you with their love. If you are not open to this, you should steer away from Cancer. Aries' independence could make this relationship unattractive to them. Cancer -- and all water signs -- want to merge with their partner strongly.

Cancer is very direct about this, considering they are the first water sign, so they don't go as deep and brooding as Scorpio Cancer needs a high amount of romance, dedication, loyalty, and pride. Aries and Cancer may connect well by arguing, which gets them heated and passionate. Aries needs to remember Cancer is sensitive -- super sensitive and moody. Think of what pregnant women go through and that's a Cancer. Need for pampering, need for attention, excitement by bright colors and food, mood swings, feeling overheated, powerful dreams, powerful moments with the body, intuition increases, hormones increase. It is an intense state of being. Aries needs to respect this and also not fear it. Cancer needs to respect Aries for its need for space and independence. This relationship could help Aries to see more collaboration with others, and this could help Cancer better at releasing people and loving them without having to devour or over-cling.

Cancer has a hard time allowing others to have independence because Cancer focuses so much on the womb and connectivity, togetherness, and nurturing. Aries will have to work hard to attend to Cancer's heart. Aries can be selfish when it comes to affection and really being tender. This can feel unnatural to Aries who wants to focus more on drive, making things happen in the world, setting fires, and making sparks happen. Cancer will naturally go with any partner.

They want to take care of them. Cancer can be selfish in how much it wants to give and how much it demands of others. Cancer needs to consider whether or not they are getting a fair trade off in this partnership with Aries. Remember, this is not a relationship where you look at the other person and see yourself. Your partner has different needs than you, so you have to communicate it out in order to understand their perspective.

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You will have to both compromise, collaborate, and be patient with one another. This is going to be hard because earlier signs in the zodiac don't have as much patience. They are very action driven -- which if you both have that mentality it could help, but you could also make each other mad for no reason at all. This relationship could have some bigger battles based on gender.

Aries Man Cancer Woman compatibility

An Aries female with a Cancer male could feel like the male is constantly being emasculated and never given a chance. She could push him away or make him feel down in the dumps rather than uplifted. This could have a lot of tension, again Aries needs to be humble if it is attracted to a Cancer.

Don't push and pull the whole relationship in whatever direction and expectations you want. You need to listen to what your partner has to say as well. Cancer needs to contribute evenly with you. Both of these signs really want passion, but it does come from different places.

Aries wants deep, spontaneous, sparks flying passion -- Cancer wants to go down into the depths of its emotions, with all the sadness and clinging possible. Cancer will help Aries by taking care of their needs. You'll be more of the manager of the household, cleaning the home, taking care of the things Aries brings up.

Aries can summon up a number of new things into life because they have this gift of manifestation. Cancer with a strong parental urgency will be there to mature, nurture, and strengthen these ideas. Cancer wants to protect and preserve, Aries wants to venture and manifest. This is a manager and leader relationship -- you two are not covering the same ground. Both individuals need to operate at the best of their abilities. This relationship will struggle if this couple has two young partners. Adults who have traveled the planet longer and have learned from their experiences, those are the ones who are ready for this relationship.

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It can feel tumultuous at times, but it can feel fulfilling as well. Know that the two of you have different boundaries. When Cancer is feeling emotionally vulnerable, they need help with Aries not to feel like it's doing something wrong or holding back. It'll take time to balance out your different strengths and weaknesses. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Aries and Cancer Compatibility: Finding Balance Aries is the firstborn child of the year. Tips for This Relationship Take time to listen and not just respond to your partner. You might not instantly understand each other and the problems you are going through.