Hook up lionel kw transformer

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Most house wiring in No.

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For your layout, we recommend a No. The feeders do not have to be as large because they are not as long and it is easier to attach the smaller wire to the tracks. Stranded wire offers better electrical flow electricity flows around a wire, not through it and it is easier to bend. We recommend adding feeders at least every 10 to 20 feet around the track. For lights and other low amp accessories, even smaller wire can be used on the feeders.

Lighted accessories should use No. Phone cable works very well for switch motors. It is color coded, easily available and cheap! As long as your transformers are in phase, you can run one common ground wire for all of your tracks. The bus wires for your tracks and accessories do not need to follow the track itself directly, but it is helpful if the bus wires and the things they supply are close. It is a good idea to keep wires supported by running them through holes in platform supports or using some of the many different wire anchors available at a hardware store.

In addition to color coding, wire tags are also available to mark different elements under the layout. As your layout gets more complex, clear and consistent wiring becomes an important asset. A methodical approach really is best.

How to hook up a lionel kw transformer

If a bus wire from multiple bricks are to supply multiple loops and share a common ground wire does the common from each brick need to join together in a terminal block before one common ground wire goes out to the track. Check out this page on Phasing Transformers: If 16 gauge wire is good why not 14 gauge? Is speaker wire as good as typical building construction wire? I am apprehensive about using paired wire that is jacketed for a bus if feeder wires will be attached with suitcase connectors.

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You could use 14 gauge without any problem. For a larger layout, the extra capacity will be helpful. Speaker wire is not generally as robust as typical building wire. Yes, you can share a common ground.

Although convenient, I have been told by several electricians that the connectors can allow moisture to become trapped inside causing corrosion. On a 6 X 10 layout…. Or will my watt brick cover it all fine? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Track feeders connect the track to the bus.


Lionel KW Transformer - Classic Toy Trains Magazine

Thanks for the wiring tips, I am setting my new layout as we speak. How do I connect the feeder wire to the bus wire without cutting the bus wire?

Setting Up Your Lionel Train Set

The ZW and KW transformers are typical. If anyone knows why this happened, please tell me! The following table lists most of the Postwar transformers and which post is nominally common. Bring the two transformers close enough together so test leads can be easily connected to the binding posts. Plug both transformers into a properly wired VAC house circuit.

Properly wired means the white neutral wire of the house circuit is connected to the left blade of the outlet, the black hot wire is connected to the right blade of the outlet, and the ground bare wire is connected to the round hole underneath the two blades in the center. Connect a wire between the common binding posts of the two transformers. See the diagram below. Adjust the variable output voltage of each transformer to the same level 12 volts is a nice number.

Attach one end of a wire to the variable binding post of one transformer and touch the other end of the wire to the variable binding post of the second transformer. Little or no spark means the transformers are in phase. A healthy spark means they are out of phase. Reverse the power plug of either transformer at its outlet and do the same touch test.

You want to mark the plug of both transformers when you get little or no spark so you will always plug it in the correct way.

Lionel Transformer Sales and Repair Service

You can use colored dots on the outlet and the plugs or fingernail polish, or a marker pen. No matter which method you use, you must be consistent.

You can now use one of the transformers with its marked plug to test another transformer.