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Both say that they are just best friends, but there is the possibility that they are actually in a romantic relationship. Their performance as a couple was so good and natural, and this caused many viewers to think they were actually dating. In the magazine interview, Key commented that EunJi was his ideal type of woman. When he appeared as a guest on the radio program, Key talked about his ideal type of woman. A post shared by KEY bumkeyk on Jun 21, at Key was raised by his grandmother from his birth because his mother was sick after giving birth and his father was busy with work.

So he seems that he has stronger feeling for his family than the other members. When he talked about his grandmother in a TV variety show, he was almost crying while remembering the days he had rebellious attitudes to her. It is well known that gay Koreans go to gay bars and often see Key there. In a interview, Minho said Key had been out drunk many times and had to pick him up.

If Key had been drunk many times in a public place, I'd think we'd hear about it, wouldn't we? Which leads me to believe he's getting drunk in private underground gay bars. Taemin mentioned that Key brings strangers to their dorm random hookups from bars? Not confirmed if strangers are male or female. During Weekly Idol, members were going down the line asking each other tough questions i. Where a member was going late at night putting on cologne. Key abruptly got nervous when it was his turn and suddenly said "Wait I don't want to come on this show next time, really.

I don't want to come anymore. Like he revealed something that needed to be edited out. Keep in mind that the last time they were on weekly idol was in They just came back this year. An ex-SM makeup artist said that Key is obviously gay but plays the bisexual card because that's somehow better? Idk about how this one. Could easily be something someone made up.

Key (entertainer)

His ideal type includes someone sort of manly or tomboy-ish He said Minho is the member he'll date if he was a girl. Keep in mind that Minho is the manliest member. He's friends with a lot of female idols, more so than male idols this doesn't really mean anything. Just wanted to take note of that.

Keys pretty much outed by hardcore Korean shawols they say he went out w a guy pre-debut. Recently, a gay male idol is in the industry let's call him "A". A is known for his large network in the industry. He has an outgoing personality loved by all. He's the 1 most scouted personality on variety shows for his ruthless way of words. He's also known for his unique fashion sense. A gay app notif flashed "cute gay OOO is m away from you!

B had no idea A was gay. His ideal type is actor "C". The fact that A hit on C is a well known story. The two even mentioned each other in public events.

I found this on Pann, a Korean forum website. This does sound like Key, but it could also be Heechul. Comments in the forum think it's Kwanghee from Z: But definitely not gay. Key was also on WGM. I tried finding something, anything that'll show Key possibly has an attraction to women but I couldn't find anything. Let's just say, evidence of Key being gay far outweighs any of him being straight. A female fan at a Japanese fan meeting told him "let's be friends". Key replied "why can't I be your boyfriend?

SHINee Key, "I Don't Talk About My Dating Life With Other Members" : News : KpopStarz

Doesn't really show any interest in girls. One time, a pretty model in a bikini next to him and all he had to say was "aren't you embarrassed to wear something like that?. Key once said he wants to get married and "try his best to have kids". He makes it sound like its hard work to conceive a child. Key quote "I can't hide who I am. I can't say things I don't mean, say things I like things I hate, or hate things I like. And more than anything, I can't lie to myself.

Lol I dont think a straight guy would say this. But Key's very blunt. He said "dogs sexuality is confusing!

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He had to list 5 celebrities he wants to go on WGM with, here's what he listed down: Nicole Kara , 2. He is receiving many praise and love from the staff.

SHINee’s Key Explains Dating Rumors with Infinite’s Woohyun

Despite having no experience in dramas at the time of his audition, his acting gave off a very fresh vibe. Furthermore, his acting and his enunciation were good and so we decided to cast him. Key sings in both Korean and English over the original melody alongside the British pop trio. The original Korean verses reflect the song's overall meaning, as Key asks a lover to stop pushing-and-pulling [39] and was written by the singer himself.

He performed a new song called "Chemicals", which was later included in his album. On November 26, his first full length album titled Face was released alongside a music video for the single and title track "One of Those Nights", featuring Crush. Following his solo debut, Key also released first Japanese solo album, Hologram on December 26, Along with the title track "Hologram", the album contains a total of five tracks including a Japanese version of "One of Those Nights" from Key's Korean album Face.

BoA talked about her relationship with SHINee's Key

Key was raised by his grandmother from birth; his mother was sick after giving birth and his father was busy with work. He stated that he wanted to announce it on his own because it did not feel right for the news to be announced through his company. Key graduated from Myongji University with a degree in Film and Musical. He participated in the project on youth self-concept development started by students in his major. Key is considered as one of the best dressed men in his country, [55] with his peculiar and particularly appealing style often not afraid to mix colors.

Both are known not to follow trends, but instead have their own unique style, mixing elements of the new trends with outdated items.

Years after his debut, Key has also ventured into the fashion industry. For instance, he collaborated with designer Ko Taeyong on self-designed sweatshirts depicting his dogs and sold them for charity. In , Key along with model Irene and fashion brand Charm's worked together to design new apparels which were sold in March. All revenue approximately From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Shinee member. For other singers of the same name, see Allen Kim and Kim Ki-bum. This is a Korean name ; the family name is Kim. Daegu , South Korea [1].

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