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  1. What is dating abuse?
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What is dating abuse?

There are many reasons youth stay in abusive relationships. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is very important to a youth's social status; Wanting to be loved and needed; Believing the abuser's apologies and promises to never do it again; and Peer pressure. Television, music, movies and other forms of media normalize violence Aldridge, Friedman, and Occhiuzzo Giggans, If you are experiencing teen dating violence, please call our hour, toll-free, confidential hotline at HELP.

Quick Close Click this button to close your browser and the Between Friends' website immediately. Teen Dating Violence Facts vs. Myths Unfortunately there are quite a few myths about teen dating violence.

Teen dating violence rarely happens. Teen girls are as abusive as boys.

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Some victims of teen dating violence or sexual assault provoke the violence committed by their dates by making them jealous, acting mean, or teasing them into thinking they want to have sex. Teen dating violence is just arguing. It's not dangerous like domestic violence in adult relationships. Teen dating violence only occurs between boys and girls. Teens experiencing dating violence usually tell a trusted adult.

Safe Teen Dating: Get the Facts on Teenage Date Violence

Alcohol and drugs can cause teen dating violence and sexual assault. Sexual assault rarely happens to teens, and when it does, it is perpetrated by a stranger. Some teens like to be abused that's why they stay in the relationships. Victims of dating abuse almost always show signs of depression. Anger is one of the leading causes of dating abuse. Anger escalates and leads to more serious acts of abuse and violence.


Learn the Facts About Teen Dating Violence

Indirect violence can occur, including destruction of objects and possessions. Verbal violence includes name calling, threats, insults and put-downs. Threats may be made against the people you love, your family, friends and even your pets. Alcohol can be a contributory factor.

Dating Abuse Statistics | ozagokizol.ml

It is NOT an excuse. Abusers will attempt to limit your social circle. Abusers will go through text messages, emails, Facebook pages, school planners, generally invading your privacy.

Abusers will intimidate you. Abusers will humiliate you. Abusers may stalk you. Teen Dating Abuse Facts Teen dating abuse violence TDV is defined as physical, sexual, or psychological violence within a close relationship.

Dating Abuse Statistics

Defining a Healthy Relationship What is a healthy relationship? Do you think that your partner is the one that needs to change? Do you communicate your needs clearly? Are there things that you, yourself, would like to change?

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Can you find a voice for changes that will be met with respect? Do you treat your partner they way you like to be treated? Do you compromise work something out when there are conflicting opinions or desires — you each give and take a little for the benefit of the relationship? Can you and your partner hang with friends separately or do you need to be in constant contact? Do you give your partner freedom to be themself?

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