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Wires 4 and 5 the Internal middle pair is widely used as Phone line. Cat3 - use multiple pairs 2 in order to get it running as Ethernet; Cat5 - use wires 1,2,3 and 6 as regular one and you can use inside the same cable wires 4,5,7 and 8 as 2nd Ethernet.

Cat3 Wiring Diagram - Wiring Diagram Data

Beware that this is a workaround avoiding recabling. Unless you really need speeds over MB - which I sincerely doubt - you can do this. RJ11 has 4 cables, RJ45 has 8. If you pick a regular RJ11, the internal pair is line one, both outside wires are line two. Wish you all the best.

Is there any possibility to use This may be also a solution. VoIP normally uses something around 20 kB. Hope this help you out. So, I should just use 2 pairs 4 wires total? Does it matter which pins the screws in the jack the pairs are connected to?

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Out of curiosity, what are the other wires used for? Is this the same line as other phones in your house? If so, look at how one of those jacks is connected.

How to wire Ethernet Cables

Find all posts by stickshift. It's odd to find in residential, but what you have is called 'trunk cable'. It's not technically cat3, because the wire pairs aren't twisted - they are just colored in pairs for identification. Cat 3 cables do use twisted pairs, but the twist is much looser than you would see in a Cat 5 cable. Trunk cable used to be common in old office buildings that used the 5 line desk phones with the light up buttons to select the line.

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That was the cable they used to connect each phone to the PBX computer. There were 5 pairs for the actual lines usually it was 4 outside lines plus an 'extension number' for in-house calling , and one pair for the ringer which was controlled by the computer. The reason the ringer was controlled separately by the computer is because if you were on the phone you didn't want it ringing full blast in your ear - so the computer which could tell whether you were on the phone either kept the ringer silent and just flashed the light on the button, or rang it softly.

Imagine one floor of an office building with 50 cubicles, each cubicle has one of those cables going to it. Then there's the private offices and such which also have phones..

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Now imagine there's a bunch of floors.. And all that wiring from all the phones on all the floors goes into a big closet where it connects to huge wiring blocks and from the wiring blocks it connects to a computer or several computers.. I've been in a few of them.. They can get really gnarly after a while from people changing things and adding things. So now you know what that cable is really used for..

In your case it was most likely just what the installer had left on the truck when your house was wired back in the day. If you strip it further back there will be a twelfth wire in there somewhere. It would be white with brown. There was no odd number of wires or ground on this type of cable. It only came in 2, 4, 6, 12, 25, 50, and pair sizes.

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  • That said, what do you mean by adding a jack for the internet? If so, your speeds will suffer dearly using that cable.

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    You need to make a new run of Cat 5 from that jack to where the phone lines come in on the side of the house. Cat5 can be used for phone and is recommended for phone lines that carry DSL signals because as DSK mentioned above, it helps reduce the noise on the line. Take us more places than just the field. Find apparel, hats, cups, bags, bar stools, and more in our apparel store. Email Newsletter Sign up to receive occasional updates.

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